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Hello everyone!

By 2ndamendmen47804949, Oct 20 2015 07:15PM

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are already open to the public, and we are having our Grand Opening celebreation on November the 7th at 1:00 PM! We hope to see everyone there!

-Joshua Naiman

Jul 18 2017 10:53PM by Jerry

The Constitution doesn't bestow rights. It secures rights by means of law. People are endowed with rights by our Creator.

Apr 15 2020 01:46AM by Travis
The link to your web site has an extra https on the front that keeps it from working. The Ruger PRC you sold me scatters many 9mm brands to 6" or larger groups at 50yrds. The Winchester 147g will make one larger hole. I'll try the Winchester 115g when I get some. I and Emma are doing well down here. I told her Armscor has a new turkey gun for her.
Hope you & your family are all doing well.

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